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Complete College Faster One CLEP Test at a Time

Excerpt from College Success Without Losing Your Mind: A Guide For Single Mothers As a single parent going back to college, your time is valuable. You may have mastered certain subjects through life experience, hobbies, on-the-job training, or a previous college degree. If that’s the case, it makes no sense to spend valuable dollars repeating those subjects in college. Since …

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CLEP Recommended Resources

Some resources I found very helpful when I took the CLEP tests. CLEP Official Study Guide 2016 CLEP® Introductory Psychology Book Online (CLEP Test Preparation) CLEP® Introductory Sociology Book Online (CLEP Test Preparation) CLEP® Human Growth & Development Book Online (CLEP Test Preparation) CLEP® Biology Book Online (CLEP Test Preparation) Links are affiliate links. Which means if you purchase anything …

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